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Do you feel exhaused, bloated, tired, or suffer from brain fog? Do you eat because you are bored, tired, or just out of habit? Do you feel unbalanced and older than you think you should? Do you want to sleep better, look and feel younger, and feel full of life?  

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Hi, it’s me, Michelle Jolene, from the 40yearflip. 

Just like most of us, I’ve suffered from feeling bloated, so tired, achy, and way out of balance – even as a health coach! Toxins all over our environment can cause us to feel allergies, sensitivities, inflammation, & overall blah. Toxins are in what we eat & drink, the products we use & even in the air we breathe. I’ve found that it’s super important to do a regular detox to release toxins and give the organs a chance to reset. This 4-Day Mini Cleanse will clean you out to help your body burn fat like a machine, reduce inflammation, and boost your organs to work at 100%. All while eating yummy food! No starving! No liquid diet! No expensive powders! Are you ready to feel amazing & be glowing with health?  


4-Day Mini Cleanse 

What if you could look years younger, elimate bloating, increase your energy levels, and feel better… Naturally? A mini cleanse is the way! Give your body a chance to heal itself with the ultimate easy steps to regeneration.  

Get this mini detox guide to learn how to: • Eat clean – and enjoy it! • Prep for ultimate detox success • Make detox easy with simple plans especially for BUSY people • Stay away from tricky toxins with delicious recipes  

What You Get:

  •  A 34-page eBook with helpful tips and tricks to make your 4-day mini cleanse a success
  •  4 day's worth of clean-eating, sugar-flipping recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and optional juices
  •  An invitation to the 40yearflip Facebook page where you can be a part of a group of like-minded women, looking to take charge of their health, happiness, mindset, and habits.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel energetic, healthy, look and feel younger, and free of cravings?  

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Wouldn’t you love to look great and feel great, in just 4 short days?

With the 4-Day Mini Cleanse, you get everything you need to kick your body in detox mode and reset your body! 

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